In order to remain competitive on the international market, production personnel employed in Algerian companies and in International Corporations operating in Algeria has to accelerate the uptake of innovation in industrial maintenance and asset integrity. Key to the quality of production and product is improving understanding in maintenance engineering on all levels in manufacturing hierarchy. Many different studies undertaken in recent years to define the most important areas of future industrial research have placed maintenance engineering at or near the top of the list. In this respect, in today’s global world, generating new knowledge and turning it into new products and services is crucial to maintain and enhance the equipment integrity. Knowledge transfer between HEIs and industry in Europe is an excellent example of success story and one of Europe’s traditional key assets. The European HEIs and organizations will guide the knowledge transfer process between public research institutions and third parties, including industry and civil society organisations, ensuring a smooth implementation and a long-term impact. The EU partners will act together with Algerian partners, in a mutually reinforcing way, to overcome existing obstacles, in particular in terms of promoting the national dimension of knowledge transfer. Another important role of EU cooperation is to make better use of EU funds and to overcome a less systematic and professional management of education and training process.

EU partners will contribute for training of staff on a competitive basis and increased mobility between the public and private sectors while identify shared needs with industry.

The ANL-MEd project has to be regarded as an integrated concept where outputs/results are produced in incremental steps allowing for improvement, testing and quality assessment. The project outputs (OP) and results (RT) are associated to the ANL organization structure


Curricula and teaching materials in maintenance engineering at academic level


Curricula and training materials in maintenance engineering for production managers, engineers and technicians


Training programme for the trainers


ANL-Scenarios, which are practical students projects supervised by academic and staff from industry, performed under a limited period and finalized with a report and presentation.


Pilot course for HE and for VET.


Establishing ANL-ORG of academic and industrial companies


Development and implementation of ANL-KNOWLEDGE Platform with Open Educational resources (OER)


Establishing the ANL-Expert group

The activities for promotion of the ANL-ORG will continue at national and international levels with presentation and publication of the results. ANL-KNOWLEDGE Platform will be opened for E-learning courses and will represent a valuable Open Educational Resource for education and training in manufacturing as well as communication with stakeholders. The models can be adopted for other industrial areas or disciplines to reach more people.