The goal of the ANL-MEd is to provide Algerian industry with a new generation of skilled personnel, especially at mid- and higher levels, along with ensuring flexible and continuing education and training of industry personnel at all levels. Flexibility is necessary to adapt and update the knowledge according to the day-to-day progress of science and technology. The partners in the project have been selected above all to suit to the genuine structure of Algerian academia and industry and to align it to a modern and dynamic European standard. The reference line is represented by the two main characteristics of the Algerian industry

i) Relative low productivity determined especially by the lacking knowledge in modern manufacturing technology, maintenance and asset integrity.
ii) Few large companies and many SMEs with very small resources for internal development.

The higher education institutions will collaborate to reach the following objectives

To align the curricula in maintenance to the needs and structure of Algerian companies and to provide them with skilled maintenance personnel, especially at mid-level and high-level. Universities act as an important driver of economic development and catching-up through their role in education and technology absorption, adaptation, and diffusion.

To create a national organization ANL-ORG with member universities and companies for coordinating the activities regarding maintenance education and training and active collaboration university-industry.

To strongly involve the manufacturing companies to development of curricula in maintenance engineering. Joint development of co-op programs and defined research programs in industrial engineering; Effect: Innovative solutions for solving companies' maintenance problems.

To develop the ANL-KNOWLEDGE Platform for education and training. Effect: A unified system for OER and communication between, students, teacher, staff in companies and stakeholders.

Overall improvement of the company climate, performance and quality in education and training in maintenance engineering. Access to female students and employees to maintenance field.