Managment of the project

A Project Management Handbook (PMH) will be created at the start of the project in order to ensure consensus and clarity within the consortium regarding reporting processes, risk management, contracts, conflicts and other issues. Project progress will be continuously monitored. In particular, the management will carry out risk assessment at their regular meetings.

The Coordinator of the project is USTHB. The primary role of the coordinator will be to represent the Consortium towards the ERASMUS+ as well as to be the promoter and supervisor of the overall progress of the project. The Coordinator will be responsible by tasks defined by the ERASMUS+ Grant agreement and partnership agreement and for overseeing the writing of periodic reports on progress of the project, partner activity, submitting all required progress reports, deliverables and financial statements and communicating information to all partners.

The Project Management Group (PMG) Chaired by the Coordinator, the PMG is composed of cluster leaders, work package leaders, each of them holding both experience in education and training and management experience in leading groups. The PMG is the decision-implementing body of the project will be in charge of the operational management of all the activities of the project. It will also prepare the decisions to be taken by the partners and ensure that these decisions are properly implemented, integrating recommendations.

The following tools will be implemented to ensure smooth communication between PMG, consortium partners and third parties.

Mailing lists including contact details of all operational personnel in the partner networks

Document repository for uploading/downloading common document templates, reports and other relevant information.

Posting notes and queries on the bulletin board and forums for support from the central coordination staff.

A project calendar

A range of project management tools (e.g. Management Handbook) have been used successfully in other projects.

Audio and videoconferencing facilities will be regularly used as a primary means of communication between WPs.

The project website is an important means.

Identification of any conflicts, which arise in the project, is the responsibility of all project participants. Any signs of disagreement between project participants should be notified to the work package leader or coordinator (as appropriate), who should then instigate the conflict resolution procedure, escalating to higher levels only if necessary. The coordinator should separately contact all parties either in person or by telephone, to identify the different viewpoints (it is important not to use email: that medium very often leads to a rapid escalation of disagreements). Based on a clarification of viewpoints, the coordinator should try to propose a solution. If one is achieved, it should be recorded in a short report; if not, no documents should be produced, and the problem is treated by PMG.