ANL-Vocational Education and Training (ANL-VET)

Development of Maintenance Engineering Training Programme

The development of this training programme relies on some related assumptions and risks

  1. Access to maintenance standards and qualification system
  2. Algerian universities and companies agree for a unified training system
  3. ANL-MEd formulates the training model
  4. Staff is available and qualified for certification
  5. EU partners contribute with staff to train Algerian staff
  6. There are companies supporting the training programme

The outcomes of this activity will be based on the input from the industrial partners and other stakeholders. The courses have the purpose to boost the competence and skills of the maintenance personnel at all levels. This action will set the guidelines for the education, training, examination and qualification of maintenance personnel, and will prepare the training material. Industrial organizations will have an active role in the specification of the training programme and training of the staff. Development of curricula for training for certification will be performed in the first part of this work package.

There are three routes, which could be implemented, standard route, self-going route and distance learning programmes. The Standard Route requires attendance at approved Training Courses designed to meet the requirements specified in curricula. The Self-going Route allows those who have gained the knowledge and who can demonstrate it, to proceed to examination without compulsory attendance at an approved Training Course.